Seated on the sofa with blanket over your legs, the fire crackling in the hearth, your hand carresses your husband’s leg and your children sit open mouthed as you re-live that wonderful day with them. The memories are carved into your heart and mind and now you are sharing those precious memories with your children, and showing them the day your family began and your love was consecrated.
Image after image, emotion after emotion, your eyes get teary, your smiles get wider, you hold hands and your hearts beat a little faster. Just like the big day. The day which changed your life forever. Do you see yourselves in this little story? Well if you do, all you have to do is choose the right wedding photographer for you. Choose the one who can tell your story the way you want.


Choose the best wedding photographer for you!


I have always thought that wedding photos should tell a unique and eternal love story.


This means revealing hidden emotions and spontaneous gestures which will be captured on film forever.


The wedding photos I like are not stilted but are full of pure emotion and real life. Do you agree that images tell a story and photography is about emotions ? Are you looking for the best photographer to capture your big day and tell your story? Well you are in the right place!


Photo of a Tuscan wedding: you could not wish for a more romantic setting!


Tuscany is a perfect backdrop for your wedding Its marvellous landscapes and enchanting views will conquer your heart.
Tuscany’s hills and valleys, ancient castles, historic buildings, sunsets, frescoes, vineyards and ancient churches are the dream setting for any wedding!


Choose from my proposals which one best suits your love story and your needs and requirements.


Your wedding deserves the best. Your memories are forever.