G. E. Lessing once said something I really love to quote:
The anticipation of pleasure is itself the pleasure

Do you know the quote? I love it because it contains a real truth in very few intense words. It communicates that sweet anxiety that precedes a unique and special moment and all its expectations, dreams, desires and hopes. It tells of strong emotions as you live your best life and achieve your goals.
The pre-wedding period is like this – a combination of comings and goings, and contrasting emotions which make you feel fully alive. What is the best way to keep a memory alive and share it with friends and family forever? Images- or rather a suggestive pre-wedding portrait.

Your pre-wedding portrait to remind you of the sense of adventure and preparation.


The pre-wedding portrait is increasingly popular with young couples why? The first reason is that it makes it possible to capture for eternity the emotions and sentiments of the days leading up to the wedding. And not only- the portrait is also a way to share a unique experience that you will never forget and will cement the relationship. In addition it will give you the chance to get to know the photographer and his lens and avoid any difficulty or embarrassment on the big day.
Your wedding photos will be unique, spontaneous and natural.

Choose your perfect setting


A set in my studio which reminds you of your first date or where you had your first kiss, or where you met or even a hobby you have in common.
Why not choose romantic Tuscany with its rolling hills, breathtaking sunsets and beautiful landscape- a perfect background for a unique memory of eternal love!
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Simply choose the option most suitable to you and your needs and desires!