Professional, family or
couple portrait photography

Nowadays, all of us spend more time taking photos with our smartphones than doing anything else. Photos of food and places we visit on holiday but also of our loved ones – not to mention the selfies, of course. Then we share those images on the social media, maybe send them to a couple friends and that’s it.

We have so many of them, usually only stored on our phone or computer, that we quickly leave them behind and move on to new ones. We might even have some portraits of us or of our special ones among those pictures, but they surely are not high quality and they will rarely get out of the digital world.

My portrait photography services were born to give you valuable images of yourself, your love story or family. Emotional portraits that can tell your story, professional portraits for your business or artistic ones for your book: whatever your desire and need is, I can make it come true in my portrait photography studio.

My portrait photography

I love shooting portraits, because it allows me to go beyond the surface and depict your soul on my photos.

Based on your needs, we will carry out the photo shoot outdoors or in my studio.

The first option is perfect for family and couple portrait photography, or if you want to get some portraits taken in Florence during your holiday there – they would turn into a unique memory to cherish forever!

The second option is the best if you wish to take some expressive portraits for your professional book: we will be able to focus on your face and gestures, showing all of your best traits.

In any of these situations, I will be shooting posed portraits – although my style is always as natural and spontaneous as possible. I don’t want to force you to look like someone you’re not: my goal is to capture your true self with my portrait photography.

What you get with my portrait services

Why you should get a professional portrait

Whether you want to get a portrait in Florence, Italy, or anywhere else.
Whether you want to share the session with your partner, family or just keep it to yourself.
Whether you have already experienced the feeling of being in front of a camera or not.

Whatever your situation is, there are many good reasons why you should gift yourself with a professional portrait:

  • Emotional portraits of your family or can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion and save a memory of it forever.
  • Professional portrait photography in a studio is the best choice if you want to create a book for your modeling or acting career.
  • A photo shoot will allow you to become more confident and get to know different sides of yourself.
  • A professional photographer is capable of capturing your essence and telling your story through pictures.
  • You will be able to print the high quality portraits, treasure them, look at them over and over again, hang them on walls or whatever you wish – unlike digital photos, they will pass on to future generations, leaving a trace of your story.

It’s always the right time for personal, family or couple portrait photography: every single moment of your life is valuable and deserves to be framed through photos.

I will be honored and more than happy to be the person who portrays you: contact me through the form to tell me your needs and get a personalized estimate.