Pre wedding and engagement
session in Tuscany

Your wedding day will be one of the most important events in your life, that’s true. But there’s another event that is equally meaningful: the moment you found the love of your life. It takes a little magic to be lucky enough to meet that person among 7 billion people, don’t you think?

Every instant you spend together is essential to build your relationship – and I think that an engagement session, in Tuscany or anywhere in Italy, is the perfect way to honor it.

Why you should have a pre wedding shoot


If you’re about to get married, you might wonder what the point is in having an additional photo shoot before the wedding. There are actually many good reasons behind the idea of contacting an engagement photographer…

  • On your wedding day, the schedule will be strict and you will be busy celebrating with all of your family and friends. During an engagement session, in Tuscany or wherever you wish, it’s just the two of you – well, and the photographer of course. You will be free to loosen up, focusing only on your partner and the love that connects you, while living the experience at your own pace.
  • The engagement session is the perfect occasion for your photographer to get to know you closer: this will allow him to shoot the best wedding photos of the two of you.
  • It’s also a great chance for you to familiarize with the feeling of being in front of a camera. The engagement photos will teach you how to be spontaneous, so that you’ll feel more comfortable on your wedding day.
  • Working with an engagement photographer, in Tuscany or other beautiful locations, will allow you to have professional images that you can cherish as a precious memory of a happy moment of your life. Wouldn’t it be enough already?


More about my engagement session in Tuscany


My engagement session usually takes place in Tuscany, but I can reach you wherever you prefer.

We can carry it out in a location that is particularly significant to you – maybe the café where you met, the park where you kissed for the first time or the beach where he proposed. Otherwise, if you are having your pre wedding shoot in Italy but you come from another country, don’t worry: we will find the perfect, beautiful and exciting frame for it.

We are going to have a walk together, immersed in the surrounding environment, or I’m going to follow you during an activity of your choice – something that represents your passions and personalities, of course.

For the whole engagement session, I will discreetly witness your interaction, capturing all the natural gestures of love you share with each other. My aim is to translate your love story into images through a spontaneous reportage but, if you wish, I can also shoot some posed (although still natural) portraits.

One thing I can guarantee: whatever your desires are, I will help you turn them into reality!

Add something special

Why not add something more to your Tuscany engagement photos package? You could make it even more special!

  • Photo album: you can choose to collect all of your engagement photos in a high quality, artisan photo album. I collaborate with Album Epoca, proposing you customizable products that will be the ideal treasure chest for your dearest memories.
  • Surprise proposal: I am available to surprise the future bride with an unexpected proposal, that will be documented through my pre wedding shoot in Italy! If you are planning to get her to say yes in a unique way, don’t hesitate to contact me – I’ll help you set everything up and I’ll be there to eternalize that magic moment!


If you are looking for an engagement photographer in Tuscany, someone who is able to tell your love story through the images he shoots – then I’m your man. I will be more than happy to get to know you, so feel free to get in touch with me through the following form.