My packages, your stories

Your story is the most precious thing you have.
My packages are made to tell it through images.
Taking photos – of your wedding, your relationship, your family or simply you – is not only a job for me. It’s something more: it’s a way to express my nature through an evocative, visual storytelling.
That’s why I deeply immerse myself in the situation, whenever I’m shooting: living it fully is the first, necessary step to be able to represent it properly.

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Wedding packages

Three different options to tell the story of your wedding in Tuscany or Italy through a natural and emotional reportage. As a result, you will have photographic memories that will make you relive those feelings and cherish them forever.

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Engagement package

Whether you want to have a pre wedding shoot or engagement photos taken in Tuscany or Italy, this is the best choice for you. It’s a perfect way to honor the magic that your love holds.

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Portraits package

If you wish to have professional portraits of your family to celebrate a special occasion, if you need to realize a book to boost your career or even if you only want to gift yourself with something really special, my portraits are what you need.

On your wedding day, I experience your excitement, fear, joy, love – every shade of your emotions. By doing this, I really become part of the event and I can seize every moment of it with my camera.
During your engagement photo shoot, I follow you on your chosen activity or in your favorite place, imagining how you felt the first time you were there together.
Despite this involvement, my presence will be discreet and imperceptible:I will document the natural flow of events, without interfering but capturing all of the spontaneous and heartfelt instants while they happen.
Even when I work in my studio, I connect with you or your family, trying to understand your essence and to let it show – and then, when it appears to the surface, I portray it.
Every instant, every detail, every expression is worth remembering.
With my packages, I allow you to do that.