Destination wedding photos in Como Lake

Today I want to share with you some pics from a romantic engagement in Italy.

I truly love moving around my country for my work.
We have so many amazing cities and landscapes that it’s truly difficult to rank them. However some places are on the top of my favorites, and Como Lake with his little towns is one of this.

It always has a magical and romantic atmosphere (even in cloudy and rainy days!) and gives me many Ideas and inspirations for my photography.

It was a pleasure to meet Corinne and Alex, start to know each other just a little better, talk about their life and wedding plan. But most of all I loved to walk with them and try to catch their feelings and vibes. Today, 4th June 2020 it had to be the big day for them. Despite virus has changed their plan and they have to wait another year to realize one of their dream, I hope this little surprise can make this day just a little bit special for them.

So now, take a look and enjoy you too!


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