I am so happy to be back!!

The 2020 season has been totally devastated by the Coronavirus pandemic, and like everyone else I have had to spend a lot of time at home. I have been forced to change my routine and revolutionise my schedule as a wedding photographer in order to find the best solution for all those couples who had contacted me to record their big day and immortalise their memories.

In order not to go out of business I gave it all I had to face this situation and find the silver lining.. believe me there is always a silver lining.!!

I tried to live the experience as a precious gift and not a waste of time. I had so many new projects in mind and so I set to work looking over the services of the past seasons. I don’t know if it is because I miss taking photos or if those images from a time where we still could enjoy and take for granted everything we have had to give up, but whatever the reason I got really emotional reliving the stories of all those couples who had chosen me as their destination wedding photographer and entrusted me with such an important moment of their lives! In this period the story of Yu and Yoheu seemed particularly beautiful and worth telling. A young Chinese couple who had chosen Florence and its magnificent landscape as the location for their pre- wedding photo shoot. They are very much in love and dreamt of and organised every detail of their wedding in Tuscany. I hope it brings good luck to all the couples who have had to review their plans this year. We must be patient, wait and dream a little longer!!