Wedding in Tuscany

The best wedding venues in Tuscany, Italy

More and more people are dreaming of having a destination wedding in Italy, and if you’re here you probably are one of them… aren’t you?
I bet you’re fantasizing about enchanting views of rolling hills covered in golden wheat fields, silver olive groves and green vineyards. An outdoor ceremony, framed by centuries-old cypresses and delicate flower decorations. A cocktail by the pool at sunset, and a dinner illuminated by fairytale candles with a starry sky as roof. Delicious, genuine Italian food and even better full-bodied wine. An historical castle, a luxury villa or a chabby-chic farmhouse to host you and your guests for the night, after a day of emotional celebrations.

Well, let me tell you that if this is your dream then a destination wedding in Tuscany is exactly what you’re looking for.

Tuscany perfectly summarizes all the best that Italy can offer you – that’s why it turns out to be the ideal location to host the most important day of your life.

Why you should choose a destination wedding in Tuscany

There are many different reasons why you should pick Tuscany for your destination wedding.

First of all, it’s got an that is very hard to find anywhere else. Think about its medieval masterpieces, like Siena, or Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. Even just walking the streets of a typical, ancient hamlet will make you feel like you stepped into a time machine and ended up in a whole different world.

Of course, wedding venues in Tuscany reflect this – and they will provide a really magic atmosphere to your special celebration.

The second reason to get married in this beautiful region of Italy is its astounding nature. Right out of the main cities you will find gentle hills covered in greenery: the picture-perfect background for your wedding photo shoot! Not to forget the delightful products of those hills: worldwide renowned wines, exquisite olive oil and all kinds of genuine food that you and your guests will enjoy during the wedding reception.

To complete the picture, let’s not forget the unique hospitality you will find in any Tuscany wedding venue. From the vendors that will turn your wedding dreams into reality, to the owners and staff of the venues that will welcome you with open arms – not mentioning your wedding photographer in Tuscany. Each person you’ll meet there will contribute to making your marriage day absolutely unforgettable.

Tuscany wedding venues for everybody’s taste

As a long-time wedding photographer in Tuscany, I can assure you that, whatever your wedding desires are, this region will offer you the right venue to bring them to life. Actually, there are so many places to get married in Tuscany that you might have a hard time choosing yours!

Tuscany castle wedding

Villas are not the only kind of venues you can find in Tuscany, of course: what would you think about a wedding in a castle? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind feeling like a princess on your most special day… and also creating an event that both you and your guests would remember forever, in a location like no other.

You could choose Castello di Gabbiano, nestled among the renowned Chianti hills, or Castello di Velona in Val d’Orcia, for a perfect combination of immortal luxury and modern pampering.

Small wedding venues in Tuscany

If you’re not the kind of person who dreams of a party with hundreds of guests and you prefer the idea of an intimate celebration, together with your closest family members and family… there is still the right wedding venue for you, in Tuscany.

What about a country-chic wedding in a refurbished farmhouse? You could pick the outstanding Casa Cornacchi, in the fascinating countryside of Arezzo, or maybe the poetic The Lazy Olive, not far from the beautiful Siena.

Unusual places to get married in Tuscany

Last but not least, if you are a lover of history and timeless atmospheres, the optimal wedding venues in Tuscany for you are the old but completely restored little hamlets spread all over the region. They can convey an idea of how life looked like in the Middle Age, but with a touch of present opulence that will give you the extraordinary wedding you wish for.

Il Borro, near Arezzo, gives you exactly this – and the same does Borgo Finocchieto, located on the hills close to Siena.

As you probably understood, Tuscany and its incredible wedding venues are the undisputed best when it comes to celebrating your destination wedding in Italy. Set your imagination free and let this lovely region fulfill all of your fantasies!