Wedding in Siena

The best wedding venues near Siena, Italy


A masterpiece of devotion and creativity”– that’s how UNESCO defined Siena, one of the World Heritage Sites.

Getting married in Siena means exactly this: the possibility, for your most important day, to take place in a setting that looks like a dream come true.

You will be able to choose to get married in a solemn Medieval church or to celebrate your wedding in the town hall of Siena. You can decide to hold the reception in the heart of the city or in some secluded venue surrounded by nature.

Whatever you prefer, don’t forget to choose the right wedding photographer in Siena: someone who knows the secrets of the city and can shoot your photos in the best locations. Someone who’s able to capture every shade of your feelings and give them back to you in the form of images that you will cherish forever. Someone like me, maybe?

Getting married in Siena: the best locations

Of course, one of the first things you’ll have to select is the location for your wedding in Siena, Italy. There are so many to choose from, that you could get lost.

That’s why I thought it would be nice to help you in this stage of research, showing you the best wedding venues in or near Siena.

Getting married in a farmhouse near Siena

When thinking about the countryside in Tuscany, you have to imagine picturesque views and superbly renovated farmhouses. Here are a few of my favourites, when it comes to bucolic wedding venues.

Country chic wedding at Terre di Nano

Getting married in Siena means being surrounded by beauty – whether it is the historical or natural one, like in the case of Terre di Nano. Val d’Orcia, the peaceful area that hosts this rustic farmhouse, is part of the UNESCO heritage… and it could be the perfect frame for your very special celebration.

In this graceful estate in the heart of Tuscany, you will have an unforgettable country chic wedding – where a breathtaking view will combine with genuine food and family-like warmth. Your wedding will fill with strong emotions for you and all of your guests!

Typical Tuscan wedding at Agriturismo Borgo Castelvecchi

When you think of your wedding day, do you daydream about green hills, a chabby chic farmhouse, a pool overlooking a stunning scenery, amazing food and delicious local wine? Well, then you’re thinking of everything that Agriturismo Borgo Castelvecchi can offer!

This wedding venue near Siena has everything you need for a typical Tuscan style marriage party, and will welcome you and your guests in a warm and exclusive atmosphere.

It will feel like a time machine takes you back to the classic Medieval hamlet – but you will be able to celebrate with the elegance you’re dreaming of.

Poetic wedding at The Lazy Olive in Tuscany

Are you planning to get married in Siena with just a few, close family members and friends? If so, The Lazy Olive in Tuscany is happy to welcome you with their delightful environment and care.

Your wedding will be characterized by pure emotions, poetic details, traditional Italian food and a touch of bohemian style. An amazing view will frame it during the day, and fairy-like lights will create a dreamy atmosphere at night.

It will be both simple and magic, sweet and intense. It will be all about your feelings for each other and your will to share such an important day with the people you love the most. It will be just as you wish!

Getting married in a relais near Siena

What about a wedding venue that allows you and your guests to unwind and really enjoy every second of the celebration? If this is what you’re looking for, then a relais near Siena would be ideal!

Relaxing wedding at Relais Borgo Petrognano

If all you want to do on your wedding day is celebrate with your family members and closest friends, in a chilled atmosphere, then Relais Borgo Petrognano is the venue for you.

Nestled among the vineyards and olive groves of Chianti hills but not far from Siena, here you will be able to have a beautiful outdoor wedding surrounded by greenery and flowers. You can also decide to pamper yourself with a wellness treatment before (or after!) the wedding day.

At Relais Borgo Petrognano you can have the intimate and elegant, relaxed and romantic wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Relais la Suvera: wedding in an aristocratic residence

Not only is Relais la Suvera a boutique hotel: first of all it’s an historical fortress, turned into a sumptuous Renaissance villa and then even into a papal residence.

Surrounded by rolling hills and lush gardens, this hamlet holds centuries of history – which turns it into an exceptional and unique setting for your wedding in Siena, Italy.

Relais la Suvera allows you to have an elegant and timeless celebration, in its enchanting garden or in the exquisite Papal Salon, with a perfect balance between prestige and tradition. Whatever kind of wedding you’re wishing for, here you can have it – and if your desire is for something absolutely exclusive, you can also rent the whole Relais.

Wedding castles near Siena

Who said that castles are only for kings and queens? You can have one on your wedding day! Here’s a couple for you, located near Siena.

Fairytale wedding at Castello di Velona

A fascinating centuries-old castle, with a breathtaking view over Val d’Orcia, surrounded by vineyards where the famous Brunello di Montalcino is produced: this is what will embrace your wedding at Castello di Velona.

This venue perfectly combines a rich history with the most modern and luxurious pampering – open air swimming pools, delicious signature food and even a wellness spa. If you’re looking for a heavenly location for your most precious day, you found it.

Castello di Meleto: wedding in a castle in Chianti

Maybe getting married in Siena is your dream, but you don’t want to risk and choose a venue that is too close to tourist places. All you wish for your wedding is intimacy and an exclusive environment– and that’s why Castello di Meleto is perfect for you.

Located in a secluded area of Chianti, in Tuscany, this castle offers you all the privacy you could wish for – and an unparalleled setting, too. Whether you wish for an elegant and alluring celebration, or if you prefer a chabby chic style, Castello di Meleto will be able to fulfill your desire of an enchanted wedding in Siena!

Charming wedding at Villa Catignano

If you’ve always longed for a wedding in the typical, charming Italian style, then Villa Catignano is the ideal venue for you. Nestled among the graceful Chianti hills, near Siena in Tuscany, here you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A magnificent 17thcentury villa surrounded by a peaceful environment and an ancient farmhouse carefully restored to preserve its rustic-chic style. A terrace with a panoramic view, a picturesque garden, the relaxing poolside: all of these could be the setting that turn your wedding fantasies into reality.

All you have to do is enjoy!

Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco: wedding in history

Imagine an historical hamlet in the heart of Tuscany. Imagine how people lived here in Middle Age, farming and making wine out of the surrounding vineyards. Imagine how it can feel like, now that it’s been renovated and furnished with all the most luxurious and modern comforts.

It feels like the perfect venue where to celebrate your wedding in Siena, right? Well, that’s exactly what you can experience at Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco.

Every single building in the hamlet speaks about history and the art that’s decorating them will leave you speechless. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind location in Tuscany, this is where you have to stop.

Borgo Finocchieto: wedding in the heart of Tuscany

Located in the cradle of the Renaissance, Borgo Finocchietto is one of the most enchanting hamlets in the countryside of southern Tuscany. Perfect in the summer thanks to its amazing outdoors pool and in the winter because of the warmth of its fireplaces, it’s a venue where you can find outstanding food and wine, a relaxing spa and an incredible care for details.

If you wish for a wedding in Siena that holds both beauty and history, privacy and gathering, elegance and picture-perfect landscapes – then Borgo Finocchietto is the venue for you: the one that will make your celebration really extraordinary.

Getting married in history in Siena

All around Siena, you can find historical buildings that will take your breath away – opulent villas but also epic hamlets. Here’s a selection of the best ones to host your wedding day.

Wherever you choose to get married in Siena, Italy, make sure you have the right wedding photographer on your side. He will be the one who captures all the shades of that day, turning them into never ending, emotional memories.