Wedding in Pisa

The right location for your wedding in Pisa, Italy

When you daydream about your destination wedding in Italy, you probably imagine green hills, historical buildings, art masterpieces, amazing food and a warm atmosphere. An environment that can embrace the most important day of your life, enhancing the emotions that will permeate it.

If you’ve done some research already, you know that you can find that kind of feel in Tuscany – a region that perfectly sums up everything that Italy can offer. What you don’t know, maybe, is that one of the best cities where you could get married in Tuscany is Pisa. Yes: there’s more to discover besides Florence!

Pisa has an equally long and rich history, that left its traces in the incredible architecture of the city and in the charm that lingers all around its streets. Besides its famous Leaning Tower and Campo dei Miracoli, though, foreigners often don’t know much about it… so they end up choosing different destinations for their dreamy wedding.

With this text I want to show you that holding your wedding in Pisa, Italy, can be the best idea you’ve ever had! First of all, because the area will be less crowded and more quiet than other parts of Tuscany. Secondly, because you don’t want to get married where everyone else does, do you? It’s way better to pick an original and less clichéd location, in order for your celebration to stand out. And, believe me, in Pisa or close to it you will find some of the best wedding venues of the whole Tuscany!

The best wedding venues near Pisa, Italy

Pisa is characterized by a fascinating historical heart and lively atmosphere, suitable even for the youngest and most energetic soon-to-be-spouses. Just a few kilometers out of the city center, you will find beautiful beaches on one side and gentle hills all around. This makes it perfect as a wedding destination for all kinds of people… even for those who are dreaming of a sumptuous and one-of-a-kind wedding. Like you, maybe?

Whatever your wishes are, whatever kind of celebration you’re planning to have, there are two things you need to consider carefully: the choice of the venue and of your wedding photographer in Pisa.

The first one will be the frame where your fantasy will come to life, allowing you to have an unforgettable wedding. The latter is the person who’s capturing every detail and every emotional shade of that day, turning it into a precious memory that you’ll cherish forever.

Unique wedding at Villa di Ulignano

Have you ever dreamed of being part of an ancient aristocrats family? If you did, then your wedding could be the perfect occasion to turn that fantasy into reality, in an exquisite venue near Pisa like Villa di Ulignano.

This 17thcentury villa, embraced by a magnificent garden, is a real private oasis nestled among the soft and green hills of Tuscany. Can you imagine the heart-stopping view that you and your guests could have from up there, on your wedding day?

The setting couldn’t be more welcoming, comfortable yet glamorous than this – the park is ideal for an outdoor ceremony, the pool for a cocktail at sunset… and what about a romantic dinner under the starry sky?

Not only will you be able to plan every single detail of your big event the way you’ve been imagining it, but you will also rent the whole property in order to have the most intimate andexclusive celebration with the highest flexibility. This way, your family and friends won’t only take part in an extraordinary event, but they will experience Tuscany while feeling like at home.

At Villa di Ulignano, your wedding will really reflect your personality, taste and wishes – it will be unique, just as you are.

Heavenly wedding at Borgo Pignano

Close your eyes and imagine you’re getting married in an enchanting venue near Pisa that combines timeless elegance, modern comfort and warm hospitality, surrounded by rolling golden and green hills. How does it feel to have all of your wedding dreams coming true?

Now open your eyes and look at Borgo Pignano: that’s exactly the location you were picturing in your mind – or maybe even better… isn’t it?

Not only is it a luxury hotel, obtained by the renovation of a typical ancient country house and surrounding village. Borgo Pignano is a place that is capable to offer you a real, heavenly experience.

You will decide whether you prefer to get married with a religious ceremony in the Romanesque church of the estate or with a civil one in one of the outdoors spaces – featuring breathtaking views over the valley. You will taste delicious food, prepared with love using only ingredients produced in the farm of the property. You will celebrate your special day with your family and friends in a sophisticated atmosphere which perfectly combines rural-chic style and luxury. You will also be able to offer your guests (and yourself!) pre and post wedding activities such as spa treatments, yoga lesson or cooking classes.

Borgo Pignano is the wedding venue near Pisa that can really turn any of your wishes into reality – don’t you think?

You and your future spouse, together with the deep love that bonds you, will be the absolute protagonists of your wedding day. The venue will have a role as the setting – that setting that makes everything even more special. And then, thanks to your wedding photographer in Pisa, you will have emotional and poetic images to treasure forever.