Wedding in Arezzo

The best wedding venues in Arezzo, Italy

Arezzo, small and fascinating town located in the middle of three valleys (Casentino, Valdarno and Valdichiana), looks like it just travelled in time – from the Middle Age to our days. This makes it the ideal location for whoever wants a wedding with a timeless charm, surrounded by welcoming and beautiful nature.

Getting married in Arezzo, you will feel like you’re setting your special day in a movie – literally, since Roberto Benigni chose this lovely city as set for its Oscar-winning film “Life is beautiful”. This gives you an idea about how worthy this place is, in case you still didn’t know…

Not to mention the wonderful frescoes by Piero della Francesca in the Cathedral, the splendor of its Medieval and Renaissance buildings, the genuine food you will taste there… and the incredible selection of spectacular wedding venues that Arezzo offers you!

Your perfect wedding venue in Arezzo

Whether you’re planning to have an elegant ceremony followed by an exquisite reception, or if you’re more into chabby-chic venues and intimate wedding parties, Arezzo holds something special for you.

Here you can find those that I consider the best wedding venues in this stunning area of Tuscany. Since I’ve been working as a wedding photographer in Arezzo for a long time, you can be sure that I selected picture-perfect locations. If you’re getting married in one of them, your wedding photos will be unbelievably dreamy: you will just need to look at them in order to relive every emotion of that day…

Wedding in the countryside in Arezzo

All you wish for is to celebrate your love surrounded by nature – and possibly tasting the delicious products of the soil that is welcoming you? Then opt for a wedding in the countryside!

Magical wedding at Le Lappe

If you want your wedding to be quiet, immersed in nature and infused with peace, then you might get married at Le Lappe. Surrounded by green chestnut woods and silver olive groves, this wedding venue is close to Arezzo but still in the heart of Chianti.

It features two villas, that underwent a philological restoration with the aim of preserving their original beauty and respecting their history – the result? The setting for your wedding will be a real jewel of Tuscan tradition! From the top of the hill, you and your guests will look over gentle and harmonious valleys, maybe while you enjoy a plunge in the saltwater infinity pool… the ideal way to recover after a long day of celebrations, don’t you think?

Le Lappe is deeply rooted in the territory where it’s situated, which translates into an attention to sustainability, health and awareness… and it all passes through food – delicious food that you will be able to enjoy during your magical wedding reception.

Casa Cornacchi: wedding in a country house

A combination of rural style, Reinassance elegance and hearty food, framed by roads lined with cypresses and golden hills: this is Casa Cornacchi, an outstanding wedding venue in Arezzo.

If you’re planning to have a small wedding with the beloved members of your family and best friends, this place could be the perfect choice for you. Especially if you appreciate good food: most of the ingredients that will be used for your wedding banquet are directly produced at the country house. What’s better than this, if you want to offer a taste of real Italian flavors to your guests?

The view you’ll enjoy during your ceremony or al fresco dinner will leave you speechless – and will be captured by your wedding photographer, so that you can cherish that memory forever!

Wedding in history in Arezzo

If you’re more fascinated by history than by nature, Arezzo still has some great options for you. And yes, you will enjoy stunning views from there too!

Il Borro: wedding with style

Can you imagine how an ancient, Medieval village looked like? Well, if you can’t, just have a glance at Il Borro! Born as a fortress around 1000 years ago, it expanded over the decades and was recently brought back to life, becoming the amazing estate that you can see now.

If you choose to get married at Il Borro, your wedding will turn into a real fairytale – starting from the location itself. Isn’t it true that most tales begin in a little, secluded hamlet? Whatever the size of your party is, this fascinating venue in Arezzo will be able to accommodate it, taking care of even the smallest detail in order to make everything exactly as you wish it to be.

Dream wedding at Villa Petrolo

Villa Petrolo is the manor house of Petrolo Winery, a wine and olive oil estate set in the enchanting countryside of Tuscany. This historical building, framed by centuries-old cypresses, features a very wide private garden, a swimming pool and even a tennis court.

Every detail of the property, both outside and in the interiors, aims at creating a timeless atmosphere – the ideal background for a wedding in Arezzo, Tuscany.

Combining rural style and elegant details, natural environment and historical buildings, great wine and tasty food, it will be possible for you to have the wedding you’ve always fantasized about.

As you can understand, there are so many awesome wedding venues in Arezzo and surroundings that it will be hard for you to choose your favorite one! Wherever you’re going to get married, though, keep in mind the importance of impressing those places and emotions onto pictures – that’s why picking the right wedding photographer is so crucial: he’s the one who is going to allow you to remember every detail forever…