The starting point of your destination wedding in Italy

When planning a wedding in Italy, choosing the right destination is the first step you need to take – and possibly the most crucial one.

The location where you are getting married influences the overall atmosphere that surrounds your wedding, but also the ease and comfort of your guests and the quality of the food and drinks you’re going to have at the reception – even though, if you opt for a destination wedding in Italy, you will be very lucky on that side anyway!

But, above all, the venue of your wedding and the environment where it’s nestled play a big part in turning your celebration from just special to really unique. And that’s what you want for one of the most important days of your life, don’t you?

For this reason, I’m sharing with you all of the best wedding venues in Italy: they are magical places, capable of transforming all of your wedding-related dreams into reality – whether you prefer an intimate elopement or you are a fan of big luxury parties.


If you’re looking for historical villas, beautiful scenery and delicious food, in Tuscany you will surely find the perfect wedding venue for you. I’m lucky enough to live and work in one of the most iconic regions of Italy, that will welcome you and your guests with open arms!


Who hasn’t dreamt of getting married in Florence, at some point? It’s a real treasure chest of art that offers some of the most romantic spots ever! Not to talk about the green hills that surround it and that host some amazing wedding venues…


If you are a lover of history and Middle Age, getting married in Siena will be your dream coming true. It’s a masterpiece nestled in a fascinating scenery: you will fall in love with the venues you’ll find there.


Delicious food, wide spaces and country chic wedding venues: that’s what Arezzo offers you! Less touristy but still absolutely beautiful, it’s a perfect area for an intimate elopement.


With its mix of history and art and its closeness to the sea, Pisa can also be a very good option for a destination wedding in Tuscany. You won’t be disappointed by the venues I found for you, I promise.