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Do you deliver only the elaborated images? How many approximately?

I usually deliver two files: one contains all the high resolution photos taken at your wedding (about 1000), and the second file contains all the photos I have selected and which have undergone post production processes and are ready to be printed. The number of photos in this file varies according to the service chosen. It goes from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 400 for the full day shoot.

How do we work out travel costs?

Travel costs are worked out together based on the distance to be travelled. If the location is within 100 km of my headquarters there is no charge. One thing is sure, I will never ask you for one cent more than what I actually spend.

How long after the wedding will the work be delivered?

Within 90 days after your wedding you can be sure that you will have all the photos ready to be seen.

What does the Engagement Service actually consist of?

The Engagement Service is a pre-wedding , or couple service which is obviously carried out before the wedding. I really love this kind of service which is both lovely and useful for us to get to know each other on a personal and professional level. It actually allows me to have greater information about you in order to photograph you more effectively during the wedding.

Can we ask for any other type of service?

Yes of course. In addition to the above-mentioned services you can have the Trash the Dress Service, carried out after the wedding. There is also the Boudoir Service which you can gift your partner.

What do I need to do the book the date?

In order to make sure that the date is booked exclusively for you, I ask you to sign the contract and pay a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the service.

Will all the guests at our wedding be photographed?

This is very difficult to explain, but I will try. It is never easy to remember who we have photographed especially if it is a large wedding, therefore it is not always possible to immortalize everybody. However, if you have particular requirements regarding certain members of the family or friends, just let us know and we will make sure we do not let you down!

Will all the guests at our wedding be photographed?Can you provide extra post production services?

Yes, of course. In addition to the elaborated images based on the selected service, you can decide to have other or even all the images undergo post production, depending on the number chosen we will work out the price, and obviously the delivery date, together.

Is it always necessary for you to have an assistant?

It may seem silly but it is true to say that four eyes see better than two. Joking apart, it is not always necessary. For example when the bride and groom get ready in the same location, when the number of guests does not exceed 50 people, and when we do not have to travel too far, I can quite easily work alone, in other situations not mentioned above I strongly recommend the presence of an assistant.

Is it necessary to meet before the wedding?

It is not compulsory to meet, but obviously it would be advisable. If it is not possible because of long distances or lack of time, we can use technology and Skype! I would say that it is better than nothing!!!

How will you use our photos?

I can use your photos to promote my business on social networks and my web site. I can send your photos to various Photography Competitions, or exhibit prints of your photos in my studio or send them to potential clients. It is obvious that all this will be done in the utmost respect of your privacy and in full respect of the law.

Will our photos be on your web site?

I cannot guarantee this because for me it is practically impossible to publish all the work I do . However, if you want, I can easily set up a private gallery on line for you.

What guarantees do you offer us?

I am a member of the most prestigious international associations of wedding photographers, where I have won numerous awards including ISPWP, JUNEBUG, ANFM, BOWP, FEARLESS, and WPS. I am also very proud to be Testimonial to the largest producer of wedding albums A LBUM EPOCA, and NPS (Nikon Professional Service).

How will the work be delivered?

The work in its entirety will be delivered according to your requirements on packaging containing usb pen or via cloud, with private gallery available on any fixed or mobile device.

Do you also offer a video service?

No, I do not do videos but I can easily put you in touch with one of my trusted collaborators who does.

What type of album can you offer us?

As I said before I am testimonial of Album Epoca and can therefore offer you an entire collection of photo books, frames, and boxes. I can also make beautiful Fine Art prints in the studio. You only have to ask, and you will undoubtedly be satisfied by the best products on the market today.

How far in advance do we have to book you?

I cannot give you an exact date, even if I would really like to. However, in my experience it is best to book 8-12 months in advance if the wedding is to take place on a Saturday or a Sunday during the high season ( May, June, July and September ), in other cases 6 months is probably enough.

How are the photos to be put in the album chosen?

I consider the sculpt of the photos to put in the album to be very important. The album has to communicate emotion and not bore the person flicking through it. I make an initial selection and set out the pages which I will then show you. You can then decide any changes you want to make in order to make it perfect for you.