My photo studio

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My studio in Arezzo is my home away from home – and I’m so proud of it that I want to introduce it to you.

I created, furnished and decorated this space with incredible care. I picked every single detail paying attention not only to the harmony of the interiors, but also to what resonated with me.

My goal was to create a spot that first of all represents who I am, personally and professionally. And I’m pretty sure I was able to do that!

Don’t get me wrong: this is not a narcissistic choice. It has some specific – and very good – motives behind it…

Meeting you

Scientist say that the first impression we have about someone drives most of our decisions and behaviors later on. This is one of the reasons why I care about my studio so much: when I meet you, I want you to understand who I am at your first glance.

The choice of your wedding photographer might be a matter of milliseconds… and I wish that those first moments in my studio can really help you see who is going to be by your side on your most important day.

Our first meeting here will lay the foundation of our subsequent collaboration.

Getting to know each other

My studio is also the place where we will get to know each other more deeply.

I designed it so that I can feel at home and make you feel at home too. In this quiet and warm environment, with a coffee or tea in our hands, I will show you my previous work and all the options in terms of photo albums. But, most importantly, you will tell me everything about your dreamsand desires – and you will be able to ask me anything you want. I will be more than happy to answer!

Creative workspace

Of course, my studio is my workspace. Here I can find the necessary calm and creativity for the whole post-production process.

I sit down on a comfortable chair, I select the photos that tell every shade of your story and I take my time to work on each of them in order to bring their real soul to light.

Unwind and grow

As I said, I consider my studio like my second home. I feel free when I’m there: free to create but even free to relax. Free to study, also, because I’m well aware that there’s always space for growth.

My studio is my inspirational space, and I can’t wait to meet you there.