Hello, I am Riccardo, a wedding photographer

Photography is my way to read the essence of people, to catch the deep meaning of events and unveil the significance of every detail I observe. I see you, your relationship, your wedding, your family through my lens – I dig as deep as I can, capture everything and turn it into images.I chose the best job in the world – the only one that I would want to do.Creating photographic memories that you can cherish forever is my mission. I pursue it with my spontaneous and expressive style, realizing photos that go straight to the point. Straight to the emotions. Straight to your heart.

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Wedding Packages

If you’re planning your special destination wedding in Tuscany or Italy, you might as well choose the perfect photographer for you. My different packages are meant to meet the needs of any couple – and as regards your desires, don’t worry: I will personally take care of them.

wedding photographer in Italy

Engagement session

There is no better way to honor your love story than through an engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot. I will translate into images the feeling that binds you, through a spontaneous reportage in the locations that mean the most to you.

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Portrait photography

Whether you wish to have a family or couple portrait taken to celebrate something special, or if you need a series of expressive portraits for your professional book, this is the service for you. I will capture your true self and turn it into photographs.

Welcome to my world

A world made of photos that tell your unique story.
Whether it is your dreamy wedding day or if you want to celebrate your relationship through an engagement shooting. Whether you need professional portraits for your portfolio or if you wish to picture your beloved family on a special occasion.
Whatever your story is, I will be there to tell it through my camera.

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My Philosophy

“Every important moment is worthwhile remembering.”

Riccardo Pieri